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Arabic translation

🇪🇬 Arabic – بداية اللانهاية

Translator: Dina Ahmed Mustafa.

Published in 2016 by the Hindawi Foundation for Education and Culture, Cairo, Egypt.

Note that the e-book version is free to download here.

🇨🇳 Chinese – 无穷的开始:世界进步的本源

Translator: 王艳红 张韵

Published by Posts & Telecommunications Press, Beijing.

Available from here, here, and

🇨🇿 Czech (in progress)

Czech translation now under way.

Publisher: Dauphin.

🇫🇷 French – Le commencement de l'infini

Published by Editions Cassini, Paris.

Available from

🇩🇪 German – Der Anfang der Unendlichkeit

Translator: Dennis Hackethal
Publisher: David Deutsch

Erhältlich unter

🇬🇷 Greek

Greek translation: Η αρχή του άπειρου, ΕΞΗΓΗΣΕΙΣ ΠΟΥ ΑΛΛΑΖΟΥΝ ΤΟΝ ΚΟΣΜΟ – Available here.

Translated by: Rozali Sinopoulou

Publisher: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

🇮🇹 Italian – L’inizio dell’infinito

Translators: Luigi Civalleri, Simonetta Frediani.

Published by Einaudi.

In vendita presso Einaudi.

🇯🇵 Japanese – 無限の始まり

Translators: Kumagai Reimi, Tazawa Kyoko, Nobuhiko Matsu.

Published by Intershift. からそれを買う.

🇰🇷 Korean (in progress)

Korean translation under way.

Publisher: RH Korea.

🇵🇹 Portuguese – O Início do Infinito

Translator: Florbela Marques.

Published by Gradiva, Lisbon, Portugal.

Available here.

🇷🇺 Russian – Начало бесконечности

Translator: M. Talacheva.

Published by Alpina Non-Fiction.

Available here.

🇪🇸 Spanish – El comienzo del infinito

Published by Ediciones de Intervención Cultural.

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